Professional Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers

The breadth of services provided by project managers and the types of projects that are delivered vary significantly, as do the risks associated with the provision of these project management services. Arranging appropriate professional Indemnity insurance for project managers therefore requires an understanding of the nature of services provided and the tailoring an insurance program to suit, Professional Indemnity is not a standard commodity, with insurers offering a range of products, some of which are not appropriate for your profession.

Our staff are experts and our role is to assist you in clearly articulating the nature of your business to insurers and then to negotiate the most appropriate insurance products taking into account your objectives.

Unlike many others, BRIC do not own or act for any particular insurer and have access to more than 25 insurers. Therefore we will consider the entire insurance market when agreeing with you the best strategy to negotiate your professional indemnity insurance.

To help us secure the best terms for you please complete an Electronic Application Form as this allows you to complete the form on your computer. This can then be emailed back to us to include in our submission. This generally improves the 'quality' of our presentation to insurers thereby enhancing the potential for a competitive premium. Please download the Instructions on how to best complete the form.

In addition to the above please provide a curriculum vitae for each professional Principal, Director or Partner providing the services in your firm together with a business profile (if applicable). (Do not send us a 'wish list' of your activities as this can be detrimental).

To enable us to better understand your individual needs, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist consultants prior to completing your application.



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