Information Technology Liability Insurance

Information Technology Liability (IT Liability) Insurance covers claims arising from the failure of information technology products, services and/or advice.

The information technology industry has unique liability exposures due to the crossover between the provision of professional services and supply of goods with many service providers in this industry having a mix of both. This is further complicated by the legal ambiguity surrounding software advice and development and whether it is in fact the provision of a service or the sale of goods.

Traditional Professional Indemnity insurance policies often contain onerous exclusions relating to the supply of goods whereas traditional Public and Products Liability policies often contain exclusions relating to the provision of professional services.

To address these issues insurers have developed a range of insurance products that are commonly referred to as IT Liability policies. These policies represent a combination of Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability insurances within the one product with a view to minimising the prospect of an uninsured claim due to it "falling between the gaps" between the two traditional insurance products. We specialise in professional liability insurances and have access to all Australian sources of IT Liability insurance as well as overseas markets. Unlike many of our competitors we are not aligned with any one particular insurer and therefore can truly act in our client's best interests.

To enable us to negotiate terms for you please download the IT Liability Application form. As the proposal is an Electronic form this generally improves the 'quality' of our presentation to insurers thereby enhancing the potential for the best possible outcome. Please also download the Instructions on how best to complete the form.

To enable us to better understand your individual needs, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist consultants prior to completing your application.



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